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Thank you for taking the time to visit our site devoted to Pomskies.  We are striving to become the definitive go-to source for all your information needs and intend to build a community for Pomsky owners and those interested in learning more about this breed.

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Before we begin, I want to issue a cautionary note since much of our reading audience will be newbies when it comes to Pomskies.

The Pomsky Scam – Buyer Beware

If you are like us, you probably began a furious Google search when you came across this picture of a ridiculously adorable little creature labeled as a Pomsky. You stopped dead in your tracks and had to learn more.  That is what we did.  We were in LOVE!

Not A Pomsky!

This is not a Pomsky. It is a Finnish Lapphund puppy.

We felt a sense of betrayal and anger when we learned that this picture is not really a Pomsky.  According to our research, it is either an actual Siberian Husky puppy or another breed called a Finnish Lapphund.  In fact, we find ourselves a bit perturbed that some of the websites listed on the first page of Google search returns and on Facebook fan pages continue to deceive the public and misrepresent the breed.  Especially since they are incredibly weak on content and in some cases appear to be created for the sole purpose of earning money through the Google Adsense advertising program.

We created this site to protect others from falling prey to this misrepresentation and want to give those curious and sincerely interested in this breed genuine information and realistic expectations.  To be certain, we think that many Pomskies are incredibly cute, cuddly and adorable animals.  We just don’t think it is fair to mislead people and give them false information in the name of making a buck.

What is a Pomsky?

The Pomsky, sometimes spelled Pomski, is a rather new “designer breed’ of dog that is colloquially referred to as a “hybrid” resulting from the pairing of a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian. Also called a Huskeranian in some circles, all pomsky puppies bred by reputable breeders will be sired by the Pomeranian with the husky serving as the dam. This is due to the physical and health complications that endanger the mother and puppies were a smaller Pomeranian female to attempt to carry puppies sired by the much larger male husky. Moreover, since Pomskies are prized for their small size with smaller dogs commanding higher prices, it makes little sense to breed the male huskies which are considerably larger than the females.

Physical Appearance and Average Size of a Pomsky

Pomsky offspring will exhibit characteristics, traits and qualities with varying degrees of appearance and pronouncement based on the genetic contribution from each parent.  Although this is explored in much greater detail here, the general expectation is for a Pomsky to weigh approximately half the combined weight of its parents, or 20-30 pounds.  If you are unfamiliar with this breed and working to familiarize yourself with these beautiful creatures, please remember that this is a very new breed in the grand scheme of things and there is yet to be a “breed standard.” So, don’t expect a Pomsky to win any “Best in Show” awards at the annual Westminster Dog Show anytime soon.  It truly is somewhat of a crapshoot as to what a Pomsky puppy will look like and weigh at maturity, so be flexible. If you are looking for a small dog, you may want to consider the teacup pomeranian since they are much smaller than the Pomsky.  They can weigh as little as two pounds.

Pomsky Personalities and Temperaments

As alluded to above and discussed in more detail, the personality and temperament of each Pomsky will be reflective of its parents.  Potential buyers must do their due diligence and find reputable breeders who are breeding the right parents, not just the parents that are available.  When seeking to purchase a mixed breed dog or hybrid, it is especially risky to purchase from a “backyard breeder” because these individuals are generally breeding the first set of parents they come across and most likely did not do the research or take the time to assess the qualities and temperament of these animals.  Unfortunately, many are simply looking to make a quick buck and prospective Pomsky puppy buyers needs to have their eyes wide open when entering into an arrangement to hand over their hard earned cash.

With that said, Pomeranians and Siberian Huskies are intelligent, loyal animals and these qualities transfer well to their offspring.

Shedding, Teeth Cleaning & Maintenance


CC Image courtesy of This Year’s Love on Flickr

Pomeranians and Siberian Huskies are shedders.  Under natural conditions, both dogs will shed their undercoat over a rather short period of time with Pomeranian shedding dictated heavily by the degree of sunlight (i.e. shed when days are longer).  Since most domesticated Pomeranians are kept inside in artificial lighting conditions, this can result in a year-round shedding condition.

Pomskies, like their parents, are subject to shedding with the length and degree varying for each dog.  The Pomsky Club of America states that first generation Pomskies have coats similar to a husky and that they are “medium to low shedders” that can be controlled with “regular brushing.”

Pomeranians are prone to dental problems and the build-up of plaque and tooth loss can cause serious problems.  Pomskies should receive an annual dental cleaning from a reputable professional.  Many veterinarians will place the animal under anesthesia for their health and safety and this can be quite expensive.

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Purchasing Pomsky Puppies & Conducting

Due Diligence on Breeders

Pomskies are the hot trend right now and with that come those eager to exploit the lack of knowledge and naiveté of unsuspecting buyers. Be informed and arm yourself with information and knowledge so that you are not victimized by unscrupulous individuals (101 Puppy-buying Tips).  Below is a concise bullet point list of simple things to watch out for when seeking to enter into a purchase transaction with a breeder:

      1. Are they generally receptive to questions?  If they are hostile or vague and evasive when answering your questions this is a warning sign.
      2. Do they have any sort of track record or list of referrals of previous customers?
      3. Have they sent you any pictures of the parents or the puppies (if they have been birthed) or did they resort to verbal descriptions and/or stock photos found on the internet?  It is 2013 and takes mere minutes to snap a couple of pictures, upload them and send them off via email.  If a “breeder” cannot be bothered to take a few minutes to send you this information while at the same time asking for a several hundred dollar down payment and a four figure purchase price, you need to take your business elsewhere.
      4. Method of payment – If a breeder demands cash, a money order or a cashier’s check, you need to take your business elsewhere.  As the purchaser of a large ticket item, you need to demand the right to a paper trail and full accounting of your purchase.
      5. License and registration please –Oh, and about that DNA test! Are the parents papered and registered with one of the major kennel clubs? Is the breeder licensed to conduct business in their jurisdiction?  Does your Pomsky puppy come with a DNA confirmation test?  Prospective owners should demand that their puppies are the offspring of purebred canines registered with a kennel and that the DNA test for the puppy confirms its lineage.  Some unscrupulous breeders will pass off fake Pomskies to buyers who do not know any better.  Also, many (but, not all) government jurisdictions require businesses to have a license or to have jump through some bureaucratic hurdles.
      6. Ask questions and demand solid answers.  It is your money and you are in control.

This is just an introduction into the world of Pomskies and Pomsky puppies for sale.  We hope that you will continue to explore this site and learn more about these precious animals.  If you have any questions or suggestions as to content, please contact us with your constructive feedback.  Thank you.