What is the personality and temperament of a Pomsky?

Pomskies are descendants of two very intelligent breeds possessing many desirable characteristics and qualities.

When we previously discussed the physical characteristics and traits of Pomskies we learned that these qualities are dependent upon the genetics of the mother and father and that the result would be some combination or blend of these represented qualities. This fundamental tenet holds true when it comes to the personality and temperament development of a Pomsky.

Remember, the Pomsky is a designer mixed breed and with that mixed breed status come variances and deviations. When two purebred dogs of the same breed mate, they produce offspring that will typically inherit “breed standard” traits and qualities. This means that the offspring will most likely exhibit colors, markings and display a certain temperament that is consistent with nearly all dogs of that breed. But, please do not confuse this with a guarantee because all living beings possess their own unique qualities.

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However, a mixed breed does not have a “breed standard” and therefore it is impossible to say with any certainty how pomsky puppies will mature and behave. All we have is the general framework of the parents to derive an educated guess. Once again, we need to assess the temperament of the Pomeranian and the Siberian Husky so that we can have an idea of likely outcomes.

Temperament of the Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is lauded not only for its exceptional physical beauty but for its wonderful personality traits and temperament as well. Possessing exceptional intelligence and capable of being trained with relative ease, owners have long prized their loquaciousness, boundless energy, playful mischievousness and adept social ability with adults, children, strangers and other pets in the household.

A happy, healthy and enjoyable pet husky experience requires the owner to be capable of exerting firm dominance over this pack animal and to also ensure that it receives the requisite level of physical exercise and mental stimulation. When a husky is prohibited from getting the stimulation it needs, it will often become a destructive and ill-mannered companion for the unprepared owner.

Temperament of the Pomeranian

Similar in many ways to the Siberian Husky, the Pomeranian is an incredibly active and ambitious breed that energetically surveys its environment in an inquisitive and curious manner. It also requires a firm and dominant owner otherwise you run the risk of creating a situation where it acquires a “small dog complex” and believes it is dominant over you – and we have all witnessed this phenomenon where the Pomeranian runs roughshod over its enabling owner. A Pomeranian that learns bad habits or gets accustomed to a certain manner of doing things can be hard to change and creates a very unpleasant environment for the owners.

Another manner in which the Pomeranian shares similarities with the Siberian Husky is in its verbalizations. Whereas, we previously alluded to a certain loquaciousness of the husky, Pomeranians can approach a special level of chirpy shrillness that quickly approaches annoyance. One of the chief gripes about Pomeranians is their incessant “fingers down the chalkboard” barking that often arises when an owner has been too lax in the training and discipline of their animal.

One of the major differences with the Pomeranian is that it can be a ferociously protective guard dog despite its small stature. Seemingly oblivious to its physical limitations, it will rabidly defend its turf and engender unwavering love and devotion from their human masters cherishing the loyalty and tenacity of their canine companion. The sweet-tempered husky will howl on occasion, but doesn’t really bark all that much and seldom meets a stranger it doesn’t like. Huskies thrive on social camaraderie be it from their pack, other animals, their human companions or strangers at the door.

Temperament of the Pomsky

Again, there is no “one-size-fits-all” categorical description of the Pomsky. You can be reasonably confident that a Pomsky will possess a high level of intelligence, high levels of energy, be very social and bond with their families. Unlike a purebred husky that requires significant levels of exercise, it is reasonable to expect a daily walk or run of the yard to meet the needs of this designer breed.

Some Pomeranians do not play well with young children. Therefore, some Pomskies may get a little chippy with children who are loud and make sudden, rapid movements in its vicinity.

All in all, they tend to be wonderful little pets for a family bringing an exuberance and cuddly playfulness into the equation that is often lacking with other smaller dogs.  You will want to consider these factors when evaluating pomsky puppies for sale.

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