This Time The Dog Really Did Eat His Homework


HELENA, MONTANA – So, I was “thumbing” through the virtual newspaper looking for something interesting to post here for our fine readers and I came across this bizarre story.

This story should without question be included in the next edition of:  “Chicken Soup for the Soul:     I Can’t Believe My Dog Did That!: 101 Stories about the Crazy Antics of Our Canine Companions.”



Let me first give you the headline:

Pet owner to feds: The dog ate my money

When I first read the headline I was a little puzzled and struggled to find a potential story that contextually explained why a pet owner would be talking to the feds about money that had been eaten.  I mean…is it a crime for an animal to mutilate or destroy currency?  Were the Feds arresting this man for negligence…I mean…in times like this you just can’t go and squander money like that!

The story read:

Sundance, his 12-year-old golden retriever, ate the bills during a visit the Klinkels’ daughter in Denver last Christmas.

Sundance was left alone in the car with five $100 bills and a $1 bill when they stopped for dinner.

The dog dined on the $100 bills, but left the dollar.

I laughed out loud when I read the part about how Sundance left the dollar behind.  Well…thanks for the tip, Big Fella!

Now, here is where the Feds come into the story.  The dog owner collected the chewed up money post-defecation (is that a word?), washed it and pieced the bills back together with tape in an effort to return the damaged money for new money. If you think I am making this up, please visit the article and see the picture of one of the bills.

According to the story, a forensic currency examiner will inspect the submitted bills and determine whether or not at least 51% of the bill is present and accounted for…which can take up to 2 years!

And they say designer dogs like Pomskies cost their owners too much…sheeesh.