MNN: Pomsky Listed in Top 8 Designer Breeds

The Mother Nature Network (MNN) recently published a list of the Top 8 Designer Breeds and our beloved Pomsky has made the grade.  The article reads:

You’ve likely heard puppies referred to as designer dogs with cutesy “breed” names that end in oodle, uddle or poo. These crossbred dogs are sometimes the product of purebreds, intentionally bred for desirable traits from different dogs. However, sometimes the pups are simply adorable happy accidents.
Although these so-called designer dogs aren’t recognized breeds by the American Kennel Club, people still pay thousands of dollars for them. Sometimes the pups’ steep price tags are accompanied by claims that they’re hypoallergenic or have fewer health problems, but critics say such dogs are simply glorified mutts.
Make the MNN list are the:
1. Labradoodle
2. Puggle
3. Chiweenie
4. Pomsky
5. Maltipoo
6. Goldendoodle
7. Chorkie
8. Bugg
If you were to make your own list of favorite designer breeds, which ones would you include?