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The Free Directory will give you a list of all the current Pomsky breeders we currently have on file. Although the directory is free, you do have to take a few moments to complete a survey or similar offer.


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As you probably already know, the Pomsky is a fledgling designer breed that is only just a couple years old. While the interest level and public enthusiasm for these dogs is growing by leaps and bounds, there simply are not enough Pomskies being bred at the moment to satisfy this demand. Undoubtedly, the market will adjust to this demand and more and more breeders will start producing Pomskies.

We have scoured the internet ourselves and know that there are a lot of dead ends.

We understand that many people are searching for a certain look and frustrated by the fact that there are so few Pomskies available. Some of our readers may really want a Pomsky that they see in the pictures, but simply cannot afford the $2,500-3,000 price tag. Others still may like the Pomsky look, but are adamantly opposed to purchasing a dog from a breeder and prefer to rescue dogs from a shelter. A rescue dog bearing the appearance or markings of a Pomsky may be a realistic alternative.

Pomsky Headquarters does not vouch for any of the breeders on our list and request that you do your own due diligence before purchasing.  We do not receive any financial compensation to include or exclude any Pomsky breeder from our list.

There have been reported instances of individuals purporting to be Pomsky breeders and claiming to have Pomsky puppies for sale actually delivering fake Pomskies to the buyer. It wasn’t until after the buyer made it home and did their own DNA test that they learned the truth.

Always demand a DNA test guarantee and make sure you conduct your own DNA test by purchasing a kit. The last thing you want to do is pay designer dog prices for a fake ripoff.