Pomsky a “no-show” at Western Pennsylvania Dog Show

The Western Pennsylvania Kennel Association (WPKA) Annual Dog Show in Monroeville featured many of the usual suspects at this weekends show.  However, there were some new breeds getting some floor time.

Well-known breeds like golden retrievers still dominate entries — 26 goldens were entered Saturday — though many in the crowd were even more excited to see the new or emerging breeds that showed up in fewer numbers.

For example, three Berger Picards were entered Saturday. The once-nearly-extinct French herding dog has only recently gained preliminary recognition by the AKC and is still put in the “miscellaneous” category until it gains full approval.

The snooty hoity toity purists slammed designer breeds.  Though not mentioned by name in the article, Pomskies were lumped in with other designer breeds (e.g. labradoodles and puggles) and derided as mutts. “I don’t know what’s wrong with people,” Ms. Barnyak said. “They call it a ‘designer breed.’ But what it is is a mutt.”

At some point we will delve into this animus toward “designer breeds” in more detail on this blog.