Pomskies & Chopper, The Travelers Insurance Dog


Is there a lesson to be learned from the Travelers Insurance Dog?

You may recall one of the many Travelers Insurance commercials featuring a shaggy dog engaging in various shenanigans to illustrate the advantages and benefits of their insurance product line. In one commercial, the dog stressed over finding a safe place to store his bone and wrestled with many different options before deciding to put his faith under the red umbrella of Travelers.  Another television spot found him shadowing a golfer and placing golf balls that were badly hit into much better spots.

Chopper, the Travelers Insurance Dog was a rescue and is believed to be a mutt.  The following is the official response according to Amazon’s Askville:

“Thank you for visiting Travelers.com. The dog in the commercial, Chopper, was rescued from a shelter in California. We have been told he is a mixed breed but probably most resembles a Highland Terrier.

There are quite a few passionate people involved in animal and dog rescue/adoption activities.  They work very hard to place dogs in loving homes.  And they are to be commended for their fine work.

Unfortunately, many of these individuals can be a little judgmental, abrasive and downright overbearing when it comes to discussing designer breeds like the Pomsky.  If you have done any research into the Pomsky or other designer breeds, you have no doubt read their rantings and ravings about how designer breeds are an abomination and that any of us who profess an interest in acquiring such a puppy are seemingly likened to the worst humans on Earth.

The following are representative samples of feelings and thoughts expressed by this crowd:

  • How dare you even consider buying a Pomsky when there are so many dogs in shelters needing a home.
  • The Pomsky isn’t a “designer breed” – it is a mutt!
  • Mixed breeds are destined to possess genetic defects.
  • It is irresponsible to spend so much money on a mutt.
  • All designer dogs are quick buck money plays by backyard breeders and puppy mills.

You might be a little confused and wondering if I am simply reinforcing the importance of rescuing dogs as opposed to purchasing them from a breeder.  After all, since Chopper was a rescue I must be advocating the rescue of other dogs.

Not exactly.  I have no qualms with anyone wanting to rescue a dog nor do I condemn anyone who believes that rescuing is the preferred manner of acquiring a new dog.

My point is that I find it completely beneath so-called animal rescue advocates who profess a love for dogs to lampoon Pomskies by derisively referring to them as mutts.  It is used in a pejorative context and unbecoming. And more to the point, it is contradictory to the image they are attempting to portray.

I have always found it odd to hear these folks dismiss Pomskies are being mutts, and you can hear the disdain in their written words, while at the same time proclaiming to love all the mutt strays in the animal shelters across the nation.

Chopper, the Travelers Insurance Dog, has shown us that regardless of their breed or appearance, dogs bring love, laughter and happiness.  Does it really matter if one dog is “pure” or not?