Pictures of Pomsky Puppies

For your viewing pleasure, is attaching some pictures of Pomsky puppies provided to us courtesy of Apex Pomskies.  Apex Pomskies is a Pomsky breeder in Arizona.  Please note that we did not steal these from another site or from a Google image search and pretend that we took them or that they are our dogs.  PomskyHQ contacted Apex Pomskies and they were very gracious in supplying us with these pictures.

If you are looking for pomsky puppies for sale, here is our directory of pomsky breeders.

By the way, Apex Pomskies is a member of the Pomsky Club of America (PCA).  The Pomsky Club of America is working to bring credibility to this designer breed by advocating on its behalf and advocating ethical and responsible breeding practices.

If you see these pictures or other pictures belonging to them being used on another website, please let Apex and the PCA know so that they can protect and enforce their copyrights.

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Thank you.


A Pomsky puppy aged 10 weeks.


Beautiful Pomsky puppy


Look at these markings on this lovely Pomsky


10 week old Pomsky Puppy profile shot