Owner of 64 Pomeranians Gets Plea Deal


A woman found to be in possession of 64 Pomeranians in Lockport, New York has plead guilty to violating a town ordinance that comes with a $250 fine in exchange for the dropping of several other charges in connection to the case.  Though undoubtedly bizarre and definitely cause to wonder if this person has a mental illness, the article stated that the animals were responsibly cared for in general:

In court, Muscato said the dogs were never mistreated by Magrum. In fact, when the SPCA of Niagara came to confiscate the dogs, the SPCA said all of the animals were in good health, Muscato said. All of the dogs were adopted shortly after being taken from Magrum’s home in February.

The sheriff’s report of the incident did state that  the officers were “unable to ignore the overwhelming odor of animal urine and feces”.  Ugh.