This is NOT a Pomsky! Please Spread the Word…

PomskyHQ has taken the well known picture of the fake Pomsky circulating the internet (especially Pinterest and Instagram) and added a little truth to it.  Please spread the word and help us correct the misunderstanding that is fooling thousands of people.  If you would please post this picture on your Facebook wall or various social media accounts we would greatly appreciate your help in setting the record straight.

Not A Pomsky!

This is not a Pomsky.


9 thoughts on “This is NOT a Pomsky! Please Spread the Word…

  1. Ok well if its not a pomsky, then what is it then? Is this a fake photoshopped pic of an animal that doesn’t exist or is it just not a full grown pomsky but rather a puppy still? What is this we are looking at please? To just say it’s NOT a pomsky is not enough.

  2. It is in fact a Finnish Lapphund pup….
    The owners original picture can be found on instagram….

  3. This is a purebred Finnish Lapphund puppy from an established breeder in Finland. The photo was stolen from her. It’s probably about 8 weeks old. They grow to be about 30-45 lbs in weight and 16.5 to 20 inches in height. I know because I own this breed.

  4. She is a Finnish Laphund and only a few months in this photograph. The owner posted information about her on various sites with pictures of her growing up. She looks like a wolf now!

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