I Do Not Have Any Pomsky Puppies for Sale


Reading comprehension in America is truly a sad state of affairs. I cannot tell you how often I receive an email from somebody asking something along the following line:

Do you have any pomsky puppies for sale?

How much are your pomsky puppies?

When will your next litter of pomskies be born?


Generally, I just ignore them or politely respond and explain to them that I am not a breeder and that I do not have any pomsky puppies for sale.


Up until this point, it has been more of a nuisance and a curiosity to get these emails.  However, today I stumbled upon a thread over at Ask.com where I read a post by somebody accusing me of being breeder and a scam artist.  This ignorant person wrote:

PomskyHQ page is ran from another breeder. Just another scam asking us for money and the breeder gets to use to market themselves, talk about shady!

They go on to write some other baseless drivel.

Did this ignorant person even read this website?  Have they seen us advertise any dog for sale here? The only pomsky pictures I placed on the site were used with the permission of a reputable breeder.  Most pomsky related websites simply recycle the same pictures of supposed pomskies over and over, even though they are not even an actual Pomsky.

The only silver lining about this episode is that I did come across another pomsky related website that looks pretty interesting.  The website takes a look at breeders of pomskies and reviews whether or not they are legitimate.  It also takes a look at other websites about pomskies and analyzes them.  Pretty interesting stuff.  You may want to give them a look.


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  1. People just rant about anything on the internet. I have never mistaken your site and you as a Pomsky breeder. I know you provide good information.

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