California: Illegal to Buy Pomsky Puppies Younger than 8 Weeks Old

Did you know that it is illegal to buy Pomsky puppies or any other puppy that is younger than eight weeks old in the State of California?  Out of Fontana, California comes a story about a woman who attempted to sell pit bull puppies that were only days old on Craigslist.

Activists routinely scan Craigslist and other sites looking for backyard breeders.  Several readers contacted authorities in Fontana who then subsequently put in motion an operation to arrest and apprehend this woman.  The article reads:

It is a misdemeanor in California to sell puppies under 8 weeks old. The puppies were only a few days old at the time the ad was posted online.

“The puppies should stay with their mom and this law was created to protect the health and safety of the puppies,” said Fontana Animal Service Officer Jamie Simmons. “If by giving away or selling under age puppies increases the mortality rate for those puppies. “

The California Code (Section 12155) pertaining to pet dealers reads:

§ 122155. Unlawful acts

(a) It shall be unlawful for a pet dealer to fail to do any of the following:

(1) Maintain facilities where the dogs are kept in a sanitary condition.

(2) Provide dogs with adequate nutrition and potable water.

(3) Provide adequate space appropriate to the age, size, weight, and breed of dog. Adequate space means sufficient space for the dog to stand up, sit down, and turn about freely using normal body movements, without the head touching the top of the cage, and to lie in a natural position.

(4) Provide dogs housed on wire flooring with a rest board, floormat, or similar device that can be maintained in a sanitary condition.

(5) Provide dogs with adequate socialization and exercise. For the purpose of this article “socialization” means physical contact with other dogs or with human beings.

(6) Wash hands before and after handling each infectious or contagious dog.

(7) Maintain either of the following:

(A) A fire alarm system that is connected to a central reporting station that alerts the local fire department in case of fire.

(B) Maintain a fire suppression sprinkler system.

(8) Provide veterinary care without delay when necessary.

(b) A pet dealer shall not be in possession of a dog that is less than eight weeks old.