Identification Options: Chips, Tags & Tattoos

Pomsky puppy owners have three primary identification options for their pooch.  The most basic and standard option that everyone should probably use is the classic dog collar inscribed with the pet’s name and owner contact phone number.

Some owners complement the classic dog tag with microchip implantation or a tattoo, though I am sure there are even some owners who have done all three.  A microchip about the size of a grain of rice can be inserted underneath the skin in the shoulder blade area of your puppy’s body.  The chip is formatted with a special identification number containing information about your dog as well as your contact information.  There is no discomfort to your puppy when it is inserted and the puppy will never even know it is there.

TIP: Have your veterinarian scan the area where the chip is located to make sure it is still working and transmitting data during each annual visit.

Owners seeking visual permanency and absolute certainty may opt to have an identification tattoo placed on their pomsky in the event he/she is stolen.  Dogs are usually tattooed on the inside area of their ears or in the inside haunch area.  Some of the microchip registration companies may also register a tattoo number in your puppy’s account information so make sure you inquire about that option.

TIP: Try to coordinate the tattoo being placed at the same time your puppy is spayed or neutered since they will be under anesthesia and will minimize the discomfort.

Since many breeders will only allow individuals to purchase a puppy after it has been spayed our neutered, you will want to broach the subject of chip implantation or tattooing early on in the process so that you can all be on the same page when finalizing your pomsky puppy purchase.