How big are Pomskies when they are full grown?

This is perhaps the singular most often asked question asked by those curious about Pomskies.  We have all seen the adorable pictures of these cute little creatures scattered across the internet.  And more often than not it is pictures of the cute little puppies that capture our attention, because quite frankly they are so darn cute and we get to do things like this to our dogs.

Those cute little fur balls do grow up and may become quite bigger than some of our readers might have first expected.  There is a lot of misinformation out there with some unsavory characters looking to score a fast buck suggesting that Pomsky puppies will reach a size and weight comparable to some of the “tea cup” breeds that many people tend to gravitate towards. After all, pictures of cute little puppies sale especially when you think that that little puppy is going to stay just the way he is for his entire life.

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The actual size of a Pomsky at maturation depends on the size and genetics of its parents.  The general rule, and remember that this is a new breed so there can be some variances, is that a Pomsky puppy will grow to be approximately half the weight of the total weight of his parents.  Simply add the weight of the two parents and divide it in half and that is a fair expectation.

Generally speaking, when cross-breeding dogs you want to make sure that the female is the larger of the two breeds.  In the case of the Pomsky designer breed, a female Pomeranian would most likely die from a pregnancy should she fail to receive a c-section (caution: some pictures may be too graphic for young readers).  And considerable harm, including death through suffocation, can occur to the puppies inside the mother’s womb.

The average size of a female Siberian husky is 35-50 pounds.  Pomeranians can range from three to seven pounds.  Thus, we can figure with a fairly high degree of confidence that a Pomsky will reach 19-29 pounds at maturity.  Again, there will be some variance and outliers along the continuum.  Remember to note that this is based on a purebred husky mating with a purebred Pomeranian.

The height of Siberian huskies is measured from the floor or ground to the top of their shoulder blades where the neck meets the spine. This is called the withers.  Female huskies generally fall within the range of 20-22 inches in height. A Pomeranian will range from 7-12 inches in height.  Pomskies can grow to be 10-15 inches tall.

I know what some of you may be thinking.  Let’s find the smallest husky female and the smallest Pomeranian male and make that super duper cute puppy!  It doesn’t quite work that way.

Sure, ideally the smaller the parents the smaller the Pomsky will be as an adult.  However, it is important that one doesn’t sacrifice the health and well being of the parent in order to produce a smaller Pomsky puppy.  Parents at the lower weight distribution levels may have bone density and strength concerns along with other health issues that will make them less attractive and less than ideal choices for breeding.

Under no circumstances should pomsky breeders intentionally try to produce smaller puppies through a variety of appalling tactics.  As a potential buyer of a Pomsky puppy and hopefully an animal lover, you have an obligation to ensure that the breeder you choose is ethical, reputable and not in the business solely to make a buck.  When looking at pomsky puppies for sale, it is important that you investigate the care of these animals by the breeder.

As breeders learn more about this breed and how puppy growth and development occurs under various circumstances, it is quite possible that the size of Pomskies will be reduced.  Obviously, through trial and error, breeders are going to learn how to emphasize the desired traits and characteristics and minimize the less desirable ones.