H&C: Twilight Wolf Dogs Latest Canine Craze


CC Image courtesy of Sonja Pauen on Flickr

Horse & Country Television, a website publication arm of the UK television channel geared toward horse lovers, recently published an article about how the recent Twilight movie franchise along with the television series Game of Thrones has spurred interest in the wolf-like dog breeds.

A breeder of Siberian Huskies by the name of Sally Leich said: “Too many breeders are selling their puppies with no questions asked, in order to cash in on the latest canine craze. The internet makes this so much easier because you can simply get a puppy delivered to your door.”

Pet rescuers claim that the number of rescues for these types of dogs has risen dramatically, most likely due to owners getting in over their head and not realizing the demands these types of dogs place on their owners and their families.

These breeds have gained popularity due to the likes of Jacob Black’s half-man half-wolf character in Twilight and Dire Wolf, based on the Northern Inuit dog in Game of Thrones.


“One of the biggest reasons that Kennel Club Breed Rescue organisations are overflowing with dogs is because people have bought a breed of dog that is not suited to their lifestyle, often from irresponsible breeders, and they later can’t cope with their needs,” said Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary.

One of the criticisms levied against the Pomsky breeder community is that they are irresponsibly breeding Pomsky puppies for sale and marketing them to individuals who may not know what they are getting themselves into and are concerned that we will see Pomsky puppies filling animal shelters across the nation.

In my opinion there is some truth to these arguments and I believe that breeders and buyers of Pomsky puppies need to make sound decisions and work to match dogs with the right owner…not just the person with enough cash in their wallet.