Cost of Owning A Pomsky


Adding a pomsky puppy or dog to your family can be an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling experience for each and every member of your household.  Lessons of unconditional love, responsibility and accountability are distilled to our children.  It is not our desire or intent to discourage you from adding a puppy to your family. We just want you to go in with your eyes wide-open.  To that end, we wanted to leave you with one final aspect to consider and that is the cost of pet ownership.

The following chart estimates the costs of ownership and divides the anticipated expenses into several categories.  Here is the breakdown.  In a nutshell, the author estimates the cost (not counting the purchase price of your puppy) to be approximately $12,500 over the course of a 14-year lifespan.

This is over and above the actual cost of purchasing a pomsky from a pomsky breeder.

When you combine the numbers in aggregate, you are looking at a lifetime cost of your new puppy approaching $15,000.

Are you still interested in taking on a puppy?

Food for thought!

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