Can a Pomsky be part Alaskan Husky?


The other day I was discussing my website and Pomskies in general with a girlfriend of mine and she asked a question that I thought might be of interest to the readers of PomskyHQ.

Naturally, I had to first initiate her as to the definition of a Pomsky.  Once I explained that they were part Siberian Husky, she asked, “Can a Pomsky be part Alaskan Husky?


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Considering I have spent hours upon hours researching this subject and spent hours more building a website on the matter, I instantly responded, “No –only Siberian Huskies.”  But, I didn’t elaborate and the conversation just went on to other questions.

Instead of answering her question that way, I should have taken a moment to compose my thoughts and answered her in a more articulate fashion.  And that is what I plan to do here.

While I did give her the correct answer so to speak, it deserves some elaboration because it is a bit more nuanced.

Technically, you can breed just about any dog with another dog and get a mix of some kind. Now, whether or not one should do this or whether or not the genetic contribution from each parent is complimentary to one another is a different story.  Therefore, a Pomsky could in theory be a Pomeranian and Alaskan Husky mix or even potentially a Pomeranian and a Labrador Husky mix (I mean…the ‘sky’ in Pomsky has to come somewhere, right?).

Alaskan Husky Deficiencies

You may recall from a previous article that in the current marketplace Pomskies exhibiting blue eyes and  husky dominant features are more popular and pups in litters possessing these features command premiums by breeders.  Additionally, the smaller they are the more valuable they are in the eyes of buyers.

Alaskan Huskies often have brown eyes are bred to be working dogs, including dogsled racing.  Therefore, these dogs are generally larger in size and more muscular vis-à-vis their Siberian counterpart which is leaner and slightly smaller. A working sled dog may be 50 to 80 lbs or a racing sled dog may be 35 to 60 lbs for a male or female. Female Siberians range from 35 to 50 lbs.

Moreover, the Alaskan is not a purebred and lacks recognition by the American Kennel Club.  These dogs can be bred with various combinations of other breeds for the express purpose of creating the best working dog and this diverse DNA makeup is the reason behind their exclusion.

Instead of working to create working dogs, Pomsky breeders are striving to essentially create a miniature Siberian husky with its classic features.  Additionally, with some breeders working to legitimize the breed and attempting to achieve registration or recognition at some point by a national kennel club, it is imperative that they use purebred sires and dames to produce a historically accurate genealogy report to meet the strenuous documentation requirements of these organizations.

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  1. Can a Pomsky be part Alaskan Husky? This is a such taxonomical question that needs to be answered scientifically. Well, I don’t know exactly the class of Pomsky but they look like Alaskan Husky, but since appearance is not just the thing to be consider that’s why thorough discussion should be made to explain clearly if Pomsky belongs to the class of Alaskan husky.

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