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Hello! Welcome to my website devoted to all things Pomsky.

One day while surfing the internet I stumbled across a picture that caused me to immediately stop what I was doing and to literally gasp and make an audible “Awwwwwwwww” sound.  It was a picture of this beautiful looking dog that appeared to be a miniature Siberian Husky and it was labeled as a “Pomsky.”  If you have been curious about Pomskies you have undoubtedly seen this picture (see below).

We will come back to this in a moment.

Not a Pomsky!

Not a Pomsky!

You see, my boyfriend and I had been looking to purchase a dog for quite some time and couldn’t seem to settle on the right breed. We both adore the Siberian Husky but currently feel that our careers and lifestyle do not permit us to give it the attention and exercise it needs to be a healthy, happy companion.

So we wrestled with trying to find that one breed that would make both of us happy.  I leaned toward a Maltipoo or something similar and he stereotypically rebuffed the idea of having a “little rat dog” running around the house.  When I saw that picture, I thought I had discovered the Holy Grail –the answer to all our problems.  I thought we could both get what we wanted – a smaller version of the Siberian Husky and one that would fit our lifestyle.

I did a Google search on “pomsky puppies for sale” and set out to learn all I could about these beautiful Pomskies and devoured the scant information available on the internet.  Frankly, the quality of information on the internet about Pomskies is generally very poor with some of the top search results being spammy sites created just to make money off of the Google Adsense advertising program.

I quickly learned that I had been bamboozled…hoodwinked! The picture was not of a Pomsky puppy that looked like a purebred miniature Siberian Husky, but instead it was a Finnish Lapphund or an actual Siberian Husky puppy. To this day, I am not one-hundred percent certain that the actual breed of the puppy in this picture has been settled upon.

Ever since I fell head over heels over this fake Pomsky, I have been keeping an eye on this breed and learning more and more.  This website is the repository of this knowledge and my attempt to increase the level of education and public awareness of this breed.  To be honest, I am appalled by some of the shenanigans I see passing for websites and find a lot of the information suspect.

It is our hope that this website proves useful to each of you in your search to learn more about this breed and whether or not it is a good fit for you and your family.  We hae information about pomsky breeders and other pomsky facts here. If you have any questions, suggestions or thoughts on how we might be able to make this website more useful, please drop us a line.

Thank you!