20 Dog Breeds that Have Fallen in Popularity Over the Past Decade

Yahoo.com has put together a list of dog breeds that have fallen out of favor with a couple of interesting inclusions.

No. 1: Greyhound

No. 2: Smooth Fox Terrier

No. 3: Spitz Breeds

No. 4: Schipperke

No. 5: Chow Chow

No. 6: Dalmatian

No. 7 (tie): Samoyed

No. 7 (tie): Keeshond

No. 9: English Cocker Spaniel

No. 10: Silky Terrier

No. 11: Basenji

No. 12 (tie): Cairn Terrier

No. 12 (tie): American Eskimo Dog

No. 14 (tie): Lhasa Apso

No. 14 (tie): Toy Fox Terrier

No. 14 (tie): Norwegian Elkhound

No. 17 (tie): Italian Greyhound

No. 17 (tie): Scottish Terrier

No. 17 (tie): English Setter

No. 17 (tie): Wire Fox Terrier

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